Avernet company, owner of the www.multimapa.pl online shop have acted on the market Łódź since 2002. Our main purpose is a satisfied customer, therefore we always add the maximum efforts in order to suggest the best product or the service. For 12 years of the existence of the company we have specialized on sale:

- of computers, laptop computers and servers
- of printers, monitors, scanners and all peryferiów
- of, server, office, accounting system software and other
- cash registers, readers of codes
- of special devices the GPS and softwares supporting
- of computer accessories and consumables

Leaving on against expectations of customers we launched also a service centre as well as we are making services connected among others with implementing the software.

We are partners of companies: Dell, Apple, OKI, F-Secure, D-Link, Insert, Teltonika and other

As well as with owners of brands: the multiGPS and the multimap.