Records of vehicle mileage.

For 1 April 2014 new law has come into force a on accounting for VAT on company cars.

The law forces the entrepreneurs to show detailed documentation proving that the car was not used for private purposes.

The taxpayer is then required to determine the terms of use of the vehicle, which states how the car is used more than it has to keep records vehicle mileage, and then fold in the Tax Office VAT-26 form of vehicles used exclusively for business.

 What data must accurate records contain vehicle mileage?.

1. registration number

2. day start keeping records

3. day the end to keep records

4. Running counter at the inception of keeping records

5. Running counter at the end of each accounting period

6. Running counter to the end of the day to keep records

7. The entry of the head of a carr vehicle for any use of this vehicle, comprising:

• sequential number of entry

• date of departure

• purpose of your trip

• description of the route (from where - where)

• name of the person driving the vehicle

• mileage

8. If a car vehicle has been used by a person who is not an employee of the taxpayer, then the entry is made by a person who provides a vehicle, and should also include:

• aim to provide a vehicle

• odometer reading for the day to provide a vehicle

• odometer reading at the date of return of the vehicle

• the name of the person to whom the vehicle was made available

9. The sum of the mileage at the end of the accounting period.

To such detailed records best use of good software, which also offers our company.