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Teltonika FMB640 Lokalizator GPS

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Leading GNSS/GSM/Blue-tooth Terminal for advanced applications

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Available Option

Dual SIM

Double GSM network reliability with Dual SIM! Even if your main SIM card fails to connect, FMB640 will stay online. Moreover, Dual SIM significantly reduces roaming costs, when using first SIM card for Home, second for Roaming data networks.

New generation processor

FMB640 powered by new generation processor which opens more opportunities for most demanding functionalities. New device will offer FMB configurator, FOTA Web, Crash trace, Custom scenario DOUT control compatibility.


Integrated Blue-tooth 4.0 LE allows usage of various wireless sensors and grants compatibility with previously available Blue-tooth V3.0 features like device configuration, firmware update, headset support. Retrieve temperature and humidity information from Blue-tooth sensors without the need of wired connection – reduce installation costs. Make phone calls to your employee via Blue-tooth headset – be sure that your employee is always safe and uses hands free headset instead of phone!

Micro SD card

Don’t lose any records with micro SD card up to 32 GB! FMB640 will store all data in micro SD card when driving in areas where GSM is not available.

Integrated tachograph solution

Integrated tachograph solution enables remote tachograph file (DDD, V1B, C1B or TGD format) download and live tachograph info acquisition without any additional adapter. Easier than ever connection – less integration time.


RS232/RS485 functionality enables connection of third party devices like: multiple LLS sensors, GARMIN personal navigation device, RFID readers or some other RS232/RS485 devices.

FMB630 scheme 

Height31,5 mm
Width104,1 mm
Length76,8 mm
Analog Input3
Internal batteryNi-Mh 550 mAh
Digital input:4
Voice callTAK przez bluetooth
Service CAN:Dual CAN J1939, J1708 CAN
Digital outputs:4
Port RS232:2x
Port USB+
Antenna:Zewnętrzna antena GNSS zapewniająca wyższą czułość
Status of outputs / inputs on LEDs2
External GSM antenna+
Micro SD+
Configuration over Bluetooth+

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Teltonika FMB640 Lokalizator GPS

Teltonika FMB640 Lokalizator GPS

Leading GNSS/GSM/Blue-tooth Terminal for advanced applications