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Program Emapa GeoMarketing

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Emapa GeoMarketing is an application designed for companies that find it vital to manage efficiently spatial information. 


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Spatial Analysis

The spatial aspect - GIS, statistics - GUS, the possibility of visualization and presentation in an easy to assimilate way make the application of Emapa GeoMarketing a comprehensive solution for precise spatial analysis. Spatial analysis is an irreplaceable component of efficient management and optimization of all business activities, particularly often used by our Clients to optimize sales and distribution.

Topic Maps

The Emapa GeoMarketing will allow you to illustrate all the information concerning a given outlet in various icon and graph formats with numerous size and color features. This way you will receive topic maps – an indispensable tool in the comparative analysis. 


The combination of GIS systems and social-demographic information from GUS (Polish: Główny Urząd Statystyczny, Main Statistics Bureau) allows you to analyze more precisely and plan business activities. 

Data import, automatic geocoding and update

Thanks to the import module, one can gather database entries automatically from external databases without the necessity of rewriting them. This means time and resource savings. Geocoding means placing objects on a map on the basis of address data. Advanced geo-coding algorithms that avoid Polish signs, etc; allow quick spatial object localization. Any modification in the external source database can be updated in the map software automatically. This includes both alterations of values in existing records, as well as the introduction of new records. The update can be done automatically every time the programme is opened, periodically, or manually at any time during work.

Easy object search

Thanks to spatial filters, you can find easily any object in the neighborhood. This means that you can find objects which are closest to a given point, or are within a given radius or region. Thanks to this you can see the range of your and your competitors’ activity;

Examples of implementation:

  • to visualize areas on a map and to regionalize trade activities; used i.a. by Foodcare Ltd. (Gellwe);
  • to localize service-centers and divide tire sales centers; Bridgestone Sales Polska Ltd. uses the program;
  • to localize current clients and search for new ones (eg.. Diagnostyka Ltd.).

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Program Emapa GeoMarketing

Program Emapa GeoMarketing

Emapa GeoMarketing is an application designed for companies that find it vital to manage efficiently spatial information.