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AutoMapa Poland is the most comprehensive, accurate, popular and most awarded navigation map of Poland on the market.

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It features all the information required for effective road navigation.

AutoMapa is the first navigation system in Poland to have introduced a traffic information system that enables drivers to avoid traffic congestion (AutoMapa Traffic) for a smooth driving experience. The heart of the product is a comprehensive vector map of roads to all residential locations in Poland. The map covers all road categories from freeways, expressways, international and domestic roads to local and even dirt and forest roads.

The first map version, published in 2003, was developed based on a military topographic map in 1:50 000 scale provided by the Military Geography Board of the Polish Army General Headquarters.
Topographic map data was gradually verified with the use of satellite images and field measurements to produce the most accurate and comprehensive road map of Poland.

The navigation maps of all Polish towns have been developed with utmost precision. Generated based on aerial photos and satellite images, they deliver a precision level which corresponds to 1:5 000 for paper maps, i.e. around 1 m in the field. 
In addition to a detailed road grid, navigation maps also contain detailed descriptive information on: road categories and traffic direction, multi-lane roads, roundabouts, squares, residential districts, green areas (parks), rivers, water courses and industrial areas.

Accurate address points are an absolutely unique feature of the AutoMapa system. The vast majority of maps supporting other navigation systems use approximate address data calculated based on property numbers at road junctions. Such information may be sufficient in small towns, but it fails to deliver an adequate level of accuracy in large cities. This is why the precise address points in AutoMapa have earned widespread recognition among, for example, taxi drivers.

AutoMapa is the only navigation system to feature 3D building visualisation in more than 1000 Polish cities and towns, as well as precise building contours in the remaining parts of the country. Points of Interest (POI) are a very important feature of the system. AutoMapa comprises a data base of more than 630,000 POIs which are updated daily in the community portal. The data base warns users of traffic radars and dangerous traffic areas, and it lists petrol stations, hotels, restaurants and other useful sites in nearly 1000 topical categories.

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Program AutoMapa Poland

Program AutoMapa Poland

AutoMapa Poland is the most comprehensive, accurate, popular and most awarded navigation map of Poland on the market.