Teltonika RUT240 - LTE WLAN Router

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teltonika RUT240


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RUT240 is a compact, cost-effective and powerful industrial LTE router for professional applications. Router delivers high performance for mission-critical cellular communication. Equipped with external SIM holder and signal strength status LEDs, it ensures easy network management. External antenna connectors make it possible to attach desired antennas and to easily find the best signal location.

4G icon
LTE support

Enjoy the LTE internet connection all around whether it is a camping spot, your home or office, with no worries – RUT240 has you covered. This sleek router supports high speed LTE CAT4, which provides speeds of up to 70 Mbps for your leisure or business demands.

WiFi icon
Wireless network

With built-in WiFi connectivity you can free yourself from cumbersome Ethernet-based on-site maintenance or simply save some smartphone SIM data for online check-ups and work e-mail attachment downloads.

Input and Output icon
Input and Output

With configurable inputs you can monitor external events, be it water level threshold crossing or a simple door sensor. Receive alerts remotely either via SMS or e-mail.

External SIM slot

External SIM slot let’s you insert or change SIM card with relative ease, and the device will connect to the network right away without any need of reboot.

2x-ethernet icon
2x Ethernet ports

Small and compact device for tight and compact spaces with limited amount of external devices. If one of the ports remains free, it can be used as either main internet connection or a backup connection.

RMS icon
RMS support

Manage your routers fleet remotely. With full support of centralized Teltonika Remote Management System you will be able to access, control and monitor all of your routers within a single platform. This will help you make better decisions for future installments and best-use practices. Try RMS for free by clicking this link and registering your free demo account!
Standard version
Product Code     Region (operator)     Frequency
RUT240 00E000     Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Korea, Thailand, India     

    FDD-LTE: B1 (2100 MHz)/B3 (1800 MHz)/B5 (850 MHz)/B7 (2600 MHz)/B8 (900 MHz)/B20 (800 MHz)
    TDD-LTE: B38 (2600 MHz)/B40 (2300 MHz)/B41 (2500 MHz)
    WCDMA: B1 (2100 MHz)/B5 (850 MHz)/B8 (900 MHz)
    GSM/EDGE: 900/1800 MHz

Other versions
Product Code     Region (operator)     Frequency
RUT240 01****     North America (AT&T, T-mobile)     

    FDD-LTE: B2 (1900 MHz)/B4 (1700 MHz)/B12 (700 MHz)
    WCDMA: B2 (1900 MHz)/B4 (1700 MHz)/B5 (850 MHz)

RUT240 02****     North America (Verizon)     

    FDD-LTE: B4 (1700 MHz)/B13 (700 MHz)

RUT240 03****     Australia (Telstra)     

    FDD-LTE: B1 (2100 MHz)/B3 (1800 MHz)/B5 (850 MHz)/B7 (2600 MHz)/B28 (700 MHz)
    WCDMA: B1 (2100 MHz)/B5 (850 MHz)

RUT240 04****     South America, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan     

    FDD-LTE: B1 (2100 MHz)/B2 (1900 MHz)/B3 (1800 MHz)/B4 (1700 MHz)/B5 (850 MHz)/B7 (2600 MHz)/B8 (900 MHz)/B28 (700 MHz)
    TDD-LTE: B40 (2300 MHz)
    WCDMA: B1 (2100 Mhz)/B2 (1900 Mhz)/B5 (850 Mhz)/B8 (900 MHz)
    GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

RUT240 05****     Japan     

    FDD-LTE: B1 (2100 MHz)/B2 (1900 MHz)/B3 (1800 MHz)/B4 (1700 MHz)/B5 (850 MHz)/B7 (2600 MHz)/B8 (900 MHz)/B28 (700 MHz)
    TDD-LTE: B40 (2300 MHz)
    WCDMA: B1 (2100 Mhz)/B6 (800 MHz)/B8 (900 MHz)/B19 (800 MHz)

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Teltonika RUT240 - LTE WLAN Router

Teltonika RUT240 - LTE WLAN Router